Our Vision

We believe that a church that accepts people as they are creates the best atmosphere for God to transform them into who He wants them to be. We also believe that this truth is the catalyst that creates a true life altering environment where change takes place.
The vision of Living Water International Church is to gather an assembly of Christ Centered Believers that are actively involved in live transformation.
We are a community of Christ Centered Believers; Learning by grace, Loving and growing in faith, Living to serve and, Leading whosoever will come to Christ.
We can “sum up’’ the focus of our vision with these five words: 
Learning, Loving, Growing, Living and leading.    

Our Leadership Structure…
Living Water international Church is a church rooted and grounded in the Pentecostal persuasion. Our worship, preaching, teaching and ministry leadership structure comes from the theological foundations of the Baptist, Methodist and Pentecostal traditions. This combination produces an orderly, uplifting and informational experience with every service.
Below is the phrase we use to describe the distinct form of government used to oversee the body of believers called Living Water International Church, we are:
·       Lead by the Pastor 
·       Looked After by the Elders
·       Leveled and Equipped for Service by the Staff
·       Loosed to Love the World Through the Membership
We are associated with The United Progressive Pentecostal Church Fellowship and The Vision Church of Atlanta. Together we network with like-minded pastors, community leaders and churches that embrace a “Kingdom Agenda Philosophy” for ministry to the entire World.